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roval. I'm thinking, "jesus... that's going to be a long over-nighter with him for sure. Maybe I xnxx videos better rethink this whole thing... try to come-up with an alternative plan rather then actually going through with it... a night and a day with Joel? Hmmm... maybe not such a good idea. When Joel had xxx given me the approving nod of his head, I went to grab my can of soda, but knocked it over instead. Quick xnxx hd as a flash Robbie jumps up and picks up the free porn mostly empty can saying, "I'll get you a new one, Dylan" and before I can say anything he runs over to the cooler in the back of the truck, gets me a new drink, pops the tab on it, hands it to me, and then cleans up the spilled soda with xnxn paper towels he'd brought back with him from the truck. My mouth was hanging open watching him take care of me like he was my servant xnxx/ or something. He mopped up the spill with a handful of paper towels and peeked back at me... for approval? I mumbled, "thanks dude, I indo xnxx owe ya one". At the end of xnxx desi the xnxx/ day Robbie hustled up in the truck bed to make sure sex video he was sitting next to me and then he sat too close, sneaking peeks over at me the xnxx india entire ride. OK, we can get away with this behavior once, maybe two days in a row, but no more than that before someone says a comment about "fags" or something to that affect. I've got to talk seriously with Robbie.... but, xnxx movies god damn, I'd be lying if I said it xnxx sex videos didn't still give me a buzz. Man, I guess I can see how submissive behavior towards you can become addictive. It was kind of fun having Robbie acting this way... as if I was www xnxx com real special xnxx tamil and he was trying to please. Like I said, I'll just play along with it for a little while, I won't let it go to my head like those guys do at xnxx india Willie's prep school. Hiding a smile, I hit Robbie gently with my elbow, I leaned over and quietly said, "I xnxxcom got an itch at the center of bokep xnxx my back, it's driving me crazy Robbie... give it a good scratch for me, will ya." Robbie hustled around, squirming past a lawn mower to reach my back. It was xnxx. just a gag, I'm not taking this seriously. We'll be laughing about it in a few days probably both of us embarrassed by our behavior. Hell, we've only been gay buddies for twenty-four hours... we're getting use to the idea, that's all. "Ahhh, that feels good, Robbie. Think you can squeeze between those trash barrels now and get xnxx com me a cold coke out of japanese xnxx the zoo xnxx cooler. That-a-boy..." To myself I'm thinking... ha ha ha, just having a little innocent fun seeing how committed Robbie is to his dominant sex sex video partner. indian xnxx "Oh, thanks wwwxnxx Robbie. xnxn Yuck! how bout wiping that can on your shirt or something, it's dripping wet. Thanks, that's good!" Robbie sat so close to me after that our sides touched all the way back to the shop. OK, I need to stop this and have a heart to heart talk with him... but fuck, it is fun. Back at the shop Robbie and I are alone in the locker room, everyone else heads right for their cars after changing. It's Wednesday night, so that means after work I go to the Dickers house for a barbecue/pool party... Dodger and Chubby will be there before we get there. Robbie and me needed to wait until his mom and dad handle the paperwork and close up the shop for the day. While changing and picking-up the swimsuits I'm thinking about how to best discuss things with Robbie. I wander down to his locker just as he's closing it and, trying to sound desi xnxx casual, I say, "Hey Robbie, this is desi xnxx so much fun... being your gay buddy and all." He stands up right next to me, beamed at my comment and laid his head on my shoulder xnxx for a second, then quietly says, "Me too. It's better than I even imagined". I squeezed behind his neck and he straightened up to excitedly add, "Hey, lets not waste this time talking, Dylan. Let's make-out". That was a very enticing idea, but I said, "Look at me, Robbie." He looked me in the eyes site xnxx with a worried expression and I right away assured him that indian xnxx everything was cool, "The only thing is, I think we better, know... we better try to stop acting like we're, ah... like we're love sick teenaged girls... xnxx indo heh heh, site xnxx you xnnn know, when we're around each other". He looked real surprised and xnxx vina garut I go, "Dude, I'm included my behavior here too, xnxx .com I mean... I feel a little bit like a love-sick teen around you too, but we can't let on, we got to control our emotions some. OK...?" I really was concerned bokep xnxx mostly about the way he was hanging all over me, but I didn't want to come right out and say that because it might hurt his feelings. Robbie didn't get defensive xnxx com/ at all, he actually agreed that guys on the job would probably start to notice us soon enough and so he agreed not to be so lovey/dovey in public. But, to be funny, he then leaned over and licked across my mouth giving me a semi-stiffy. Robbie has this great attitude about everything we talked about. He's such a xnxx tv good guy... a guy's guy, not some fem acting guy. One of the things we discussed was xnxx teen my teasing him on xnnx the ride back here tonight... xnxx telugu asking him to scratch my back and get me a drink and xnxx. com all that. "Robbie, I was teasing you man... you don't need to kiss-up to me, I'm just as hot for you as you are for me. We're two gay buddies, dude... equals, and all that. OK?" xnxx desi He was making a little face and sucking on his bottom lip as if he was trying to think how to explain something. Then he hesitantly says, "I like getting you stuff, Dylan" he nervously blurted out a laugh and added, "and kissing-up video porno to you too. It's fun and vidio xnxx it turns me on to do things for you. And, I can't wait for you to do... to xnxx mom do "that" to me again xnxx .com too. Isn't it OK to do things for you, if I honestly like doing them?" Well, now what the fuck do I do? I said, "Damn, Robbie... I don't know what to say about that. Let's take it a day at a time, OK? xxx videos You www xnxx com can't be so obvious though, don't let other guys xnxx app xnxx porn see you fussing over me... OK? xnx We don't want them talking and, ya know, maybe it makes me uncomfortable to be fussed over sometimes." xnxx hindi Robbie goes, "I saw mom xnxx on the net where some guys are other guys' slaves... that's what I'd like to be. Your slave." I took a deep breath and wheezed out, "Jesus H Christ! I don't know nothing about that Robbie... let's just start off being gay xnxx indian sex buddies. How bout that?" He goes, "Yes, Master" and I got it then... he was just busting my balls. xnxx sex I xnxx videos blurted out a nervous laugh xnxx asia saying, "I forgot what a hot shit you are, Robbie!" He xxx video got me in a headlock then and walked me up the aisle saying, "Maybe you need to be xnxx selingkuh the slave... you're such a weakling". He was kidding, again. Outside, waiting for his parents I lit a cigarette and Robbie snuck some drags gay xnxx off it, his folks don't know he smokes. In an off-hand manner I asked, "Hey, what about Dodger? You boys get much gay play time together?" Robbie coughed as he exhaled and xxnn sputtered, "Dodger? Are xvideos you shitting me! He's so straight! I'd never even confide to him that xnxx movies I'm free porn gay, never mind suggest we suck each other off. Fuck, I may never tell him I'm gay. Geez, xnxx gay Dodger being gay! ... you gotta be kidding." I said, "I was kidding numbnuts... you're just as brilliant as Joel" and xnxx indian Robbie, laughing xxx video again, goes into how dumb Joel was with his comments about Toby's joke and we both get a good laugh at the accurate way Robbie imitated Joel's speech pattern... like, Duh!. My laughter was mostly nervous laughter because I japan xnxx had to think about the proposed weekend with Joel that I might need to go on. Should I say anything xnxx to Robbie about tamil xnxx Joel?... I need to think about that. And, Robbie doesn't know anything about xnnx Dodger's propensity for gay horseplay it appears. What's with that? His parents were finally ready to leave xnxx arab so Robbie and I get in the back of their nice clean, new, pickup truck, and as we're xnxx indian heading for the highway I'm thinking about the brothers not knowing each other is gay and I say, "You know Robbie, I was just breaking your balls about you and Dodger being gay brothers, but some guys must wonder about sunny leone xnxx that heavy make-out you two go into every time you see each other". Robbie rolled his eyes and says, "We xnxx desi been doing that quick hello-kiss ever since I was xnxx vina garut four years old and he was two. And, I guess, now we don't know how to stop. It's like who's gonna hurts who's feelings by suggesting we stop." I go, "Oh sure... you both love it and you know it!" and he waves his hand at me like there's no sense talking to me. Actually I believed him because that's the same thing that happened to Chubby and me way back xnxx cina when we were little kids, with our weird way of watching TV. Of course, Chubby porno xnxx just put a stop to most of that this very week so I guess he's not worried about xnxx com hurting my feelings. Then we were out on the highway and it was loud at sixty-five miles an porn hour so we didn't try for anymore conversation. As we bounced around xnxx videos in the back of the pickup I thought back indo xnxx and had some xnxx jepang second thoughts about how much Robbie was joking and xnxx jav how much he was serious about him enjoying being submissive towards me. Initially he seemed sincere when he said it video xnxx turned him on to be xnxx arab submissive to me... then later he exaggerated it into a xnxx porn master/slave situation which I do believe he was bull-shitting xxnn about, but the earlier stuff, I just don't know. And, what to make of the Dodger business. Robbie seemed very adamant about Dodger being straight as an arrow. I, of course, know that to be totally false and I have a very hot memory of being fucked in sunny leone xnxx their swimming pool xnxx mom to back me up... that's just one among xnxx sex video other Dodger incidents that contradict Robbie's assertion of Dodger being straight. It seems my life gets filled with more imponderables every day, xxx xnxx especially since that afternoon, months ago xnxx. com now, when Carl took my cherry and set me on this wonderful xnxx hd adventure into the world xnxxcom of gay sex. What would my life be like if I hadn't contributed xxnn stuff to the high school newspaper and attracted the eye of the editor, gay Carl Denton.....?What, indeed! DYLAN'S DILEMMA PART 11 Chapter three We pulled up to the house and piled out the back of the truck. Chubby came over and whispered, "I hate that haircut, did I ever mention that?" and we did a quick hug with me saying, "Ya mention it every fucking time you see me"... Chubby xxx xnxx goes, "Fucking A!" Meanwhile Dodger and Robbie did their quick kiss and this time I took notice... they did the kiss right in front of their parents so it wasn't a secret thing, but instead, a totally-out-in-the-open thing. Chubby said hello to Mr and Mrs Dickers and xnnx then a quick one arm hug for Robbie. Us four boys drifted to the sunny leone xnxx backyard with Dodger advising Robbie and me that he and Chubby had worked out a mini Olympic swim competition while waiting for us to get there. I said, "Count me xnxx out. I suck at swimming" and Chubby goes. xnxx video "Of course you do, it's just me and mighty mouse here. I got sick of his bragging about how he could beat some of those Olympic swimmers competing in China". We ragged on Dodger, who was a super swimmer, and on Chubby who was a real good swimmer but just not in Dodger's class. Robbie was like, "Leave it to you two to exclude poor Dylan and me from your fun and games just because we're challenged in the area of Olympic swimming". We were porn videos ignored which had Robbie xnxx indo and me doing smirking glances at each other... like, can we believe our good luck! With this development we www.xnxx should be able to sneak away long indian xnxx enough free porn for at xnxx cina least a "quickie". After changing into swimsuits we all jumped in the pool to cool off... Dodger and Chubby bantering back and forth constantly about the handicap that Dodger xnxx porno had to allow Chubby. Even up, Chubby wouldn't have a chance in a race against Dodger so he had to have a head start and they argued how much head start would be fair. That pool discussion quickly dissolved into a grab-ass free-for-all which all four of us would be qualifiers for if there were an xxnxx japanese xnxx Olympic event for ass grabbing and ball crunching... like there should be. In our unstructured free-for-all Robbie and I had plenty of opportunity at feeling each other up. We almost jerked each other off right there in the pool at one point when Dodger and Chubby were into a serious wrestling match, mostly under water. They're the same size so it was difficult for either of them to get the upper hand, but they appeared content to xnxx india keep trying. It was unusual for Dodger to xnxx hot pay this much attention to Chubby, usually Dodger is all over me. As a matter of fact, the whole grab ass thing started with an under water attack on my nuts by Dodger who ended up videos xnxx on my back with his legs around my waist again, he whispered in my ear..."Remember this, Dylan? I'll bet that you've been dreaming about me doing you again ever since the last time I fucked you in this pool. Haven't video xnxx ya?" and he lower himself on my back to hump my ass with his hard four inch boner. I had to stifle a moan as my own boner started growing. Ya know what... xnxx japan Dodger's right, I would like to xxxx have him do me again just like he did the first time and this time I'd pay closer attention to how great it felt, rather than concentrating on getting him to stop. I remembered my climax from that stubby four inch xxx xnxx boner fucking my asshole and that made me think of Robbie's four inch penis. mom xnxx Should I do him or have him do me this afternoon? Hmmmm, nice to contemplate. Robbie coming "out" to me is such an awesome happening! It's so cool. When Dodger let loose of me, he attacked Chubby's the xnxx barat same way he'd gotten me. xnxx barat Wouldn't that be something... you know, Dodger doing Chubby like he did me. Damn, I'd like to xnxx japanese be porn videos under water watching that. Ohhhh, my boner feels so nice. Then I hear Mr Dickers call us to the picnic table... "dinners ready boys, let's go guys while it's hot!". He didn't need to call us twice. We were out xnnn of the pool and dried off and ready to eat in about ninety seconds. Oh man! Barbecue baby back ribs, little red bliss potatoes cooked on the grill so the xnxx korea skin is crispy and almost black, the potato meat creamy smooth with some butter and salt inside the skin. Of course, corn on the cob again and a big plate of sliced tomatoes and crisp slices of cucumbers. On the table was a bottle of Ken's Italian salad dressing xnxx teen to put on the tomatoes and cucumbers. Chubby and I exchanged glances when we saw xnxx sex the salad dressing. I know we both thought back to that dinner we had together at Ken's Steak House a couple of months ago... the restaurant sells their signature salad dressing in supermarkets, that's xvideo how good it is. We gave a half smile to xnxx 2019 each other... xnxx download it's so awesome knowing someone so well you can read their mind some times. I love Chubby... I'm always going to love Chubby. The four of us boys ate xnxx tamil a pile of those tangy barbecue spare ribs telling Mr Dickers what a great grille chef he was the entire time we were eating... talking with our mouths full xxn xnxxcom of tender, delicious pork at times. xnxx selingkuh This dinner was maybe the sex xnxx best one yet and that's saying a lot. These Wednesday nights at the Dickers rock! I felt so comfortable with these people by now, it was very special. Of course, why wouldn't I think vina garut xnxx it was special... fantastic food japan xnxx and three hot, hot boys for me to play with. It was heaven, baby, heaven! And, except for mom xnxx dinner, the parents made themselves scarce. That's so important to us teenagers, we don't want to be gawked xnxx japan at by adults. We want xnxx bokep to do all the gawking, thank you very much. When we'd eaten everything in sight, Mr Dickers said, "Well wwwxnxx Robbie, are you and Chubby going to get us an ice cold watermelon again tonight?" Dodger goes, "Oh Robbie, take Dylan this time. Chubby and me want to make-up a score card for our Olympic swimming competition. OK?" xxx video Robbie gets xnxx stories a pretend pissed-off expression and says, "Oh no! Chubby always comes with me." I blurted out a laugh and then coughed as Robbie started laughing xxnxx too. "What the hell is so funny?" is the question Dodger had, but both Robbie and I just gave him the finger as Robbie xnxx korea goes, "OK, I'll take Dylan, but you xnxx tv are so spoiled Dodger, you always get your way." Dodger gives us double barrel fingers, one for Robbie and one for me, saying, "That's right, you homos, I get my way cause I'm the youngest and the cutest." He didn't really mean he thinks we're homos... it's just what we call each other at times. Of course, he may xnxxx have meant it for me, but I could say the same right back to him. Instead Robbie and I laughed at indo xnxx Dodger because he was being funny... and he is wicked cute! Before we went for the watermelon Robbie wanted to brush his teeth and floss, which is so typically Robbie. I walked up to his bedroom with him still chuckling at him pretending that he wanted Chubby, not me, to help him get the watermelon. His bedroom has an attached bath and I leaned against the door jam as Robbie brushed his teeth mumbling xnxx download about the rib meat and corn xnxx telugu getting between his teeth. Stuff like that doesn't bother me or Chubby... or Willie either now that I think about it. Willie and me make out right after eating sometimes. Oh well, to each their own, but when Robbie was done brushing, porno without hesitating, he handed his toothbrush to me. Did he think I wanted to brush porn my teeth too... and with his toothbrush? He gargled and spit, xnxx porno then, as he pulled off xnxx asia a strip of floss he said, xnxx sex video "You need video porno more toothpaste, Dylan?" In a trance, I shook my head and put his dripping toothbrush in my mouth and began brushing my teeth. It hit me all of a sudden that this was so fucking sexy using Robbie's toothbrush right out of his mouth. I got a nice boner that got harder xnxx hot the longer I brushed and the more I thought about Robbie just using this toothbrush in his mouth on those beautiful teeth of his. What a surprise that this would get me so aroused... it's because of the https // way Robbie just assumed I'd find nothing wrong with using his 'just used' toothbrush. Thats what struck me mostly as being so xnxxx HOT! Robbie never gave it a second thought ... after he'd flossed and xnx rinsed out real well again, he casually said, "I'll get some money and meet you at zoo xnxx the pick-up, OK?" With a mouth full of toothpaste that contained an ample supply of Robbie's saliva, and with my rock-hard boner pushing out the front of my bathing suit, I shake my head and mumble, "Wait a second, dude". Robbie gay xnxx nodded his head and after I rinsed out I walked over to him and whispered, "Using your toothbrush got me all hot and bothered" and I got my arms around his neck and began to make-out with him... trying to do it like Willie does it to me. xnxx bokep Robbie was quickly glued to my body with his tongue lapping mine and both of us tamil xnxx groaning and humping against each other. His scent was sex xnxx intoxicating to me, his clear bubbly saliva, mixed with some of my own, began smearing around on each of xvideo xnxx. our mouth, chin, sex video nose, cheeks. vina garut xnxx We rubbed our spit slippery noses together while making funny whining sounds of pleasure. I forgot xxnx about doing things like Willie... instead, Robbie and me, more and more, made-up stuff our way. Robbie was a very fast learner and from our first kiss yesterday afternoon he was hot to the concept of making-out... just like I xnxx gay was. 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Our hands off each other's cocks now, we got up tight against xvideos one another, our mixed cum all over our bellies and xnxx cina groin as we squirmed against one another in xnxx mom ecstasy... I couldn't imagine anything feeling better. But, the glow fades rather quickly too video porno and we realized we'd been in his bedroom maybe ten minutes... if we stayed much longer xnxx. we'd need to think of an xnxx anime explanation. This time is was Robbie with some common sense and he broke away mumbling, "We better get cleaned up and head out for the watermelon, don't ya think, Dylan?" I'm like, "Huh? Oh, yeah. We should." I was use to Willie making all the calls like that one. I'd just relax and enjoy myself until Willie decides we need to do something else. I guess I forgot my job in this duo of Robbie and me... I'm suppose to be in charge here, I guess. With our swimsuits still at our knees we stiff-legged back into the xnxx sex videos bathroom to wash our bellies and cocks, but wound-up in each other's arms again doing the make-out all over again. I swear to www.xnxx God I'm not sure which one of us started it. Two minutes later we both had boners again, but we're both breathing like we've got emphysema or something... rasping, out-of-breath gulping for air as if we were over-stimulated and we probably were. xnxx jav We back our heads away, staring at one another, still hold the other's waist breathing roughly xnxx selingkuh for a few xxnx seconds and then break out laughing. I say, "This is fucking nuts, Robbie. Somebody needs to separate us before we kill xnxx japanese each other." It just struck us as so funny that we were xxn in such heat for each other... it was out of control alright, but fun. Still chuckling, we cleaned-up. Robbie got his wallet, threw me one of his T shirts to wear, pulled another T shirt over his head and we thundered downstairs and out the backdoor. No one said a thing about us taking fifteen minutes to brush our zoo xnxx teeth. We talked briefly with his xnxx gay videos xnxx parents about the watermelon... they didn't want one as big as Robbie got the xnnn last time because us boys got into that watermelon fight etc etc. Then we went over to see what Chubby and Dodger were up to and found xxnx them bickering good-naturedly about how many points each race was worth. We watched two races and Dodger is amazingly fast. It's a natural talent mostly, but xnxx tamil he has gay xnxx been swimming since he was three years old and he was always ridiculously fast. Chubby was laughing and cursing and saying these first races don't count because he wasn't given a fair head-start. We left them before their third race. Those two are quite a pair and I thought again about Dodger trying something with Chubby like he'd done with me. I wonder, I really wonder. Robbie drove xnxx indo the pickup truck down their driveway and I light up a cigarette nxxn for us to share. We were quiet for a little bit and then Robbie says, "Dylan, is our messing around together as much fun for you porn xnxx as it is porno for me, do ya think?" I go, "It really rocks, Robbie. It's great." Then some more silence before he says, "You never said who porno you... you know, do gay stuff with. Chubby, maybe?" I told him Chubby and me don't do anything gay together, except a few times we jerked each other off. Robbie blew that off saying, "Oh christ, Dodger and I jerk off almost every night together and sometimes he wacks me while I'm wacking him, porno xnxx but isn't that normal for brothers? You and Chubby are as close as brothers." 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I just glazed over it saying I don't think it's right to tell xxxx tales out of school and that I wouldn't tell anyone details of him and me either. He focused right in xnxx video on Willie somehow. It must have been the way I talked about him so even though I promised myself not to, I www xnxx told Robbie about Willie. I nxxn admitted we were boyfriends and had been xnxx indonesia going out on dates for a while now. He was xnxx arab in awe... real gay boyfriends! He asked all about Willie, his looks, his school, what sex did we do the most... stuff like that. I kept the answers vague without skirting them entirely. We'd been at the farm stand fifteen minutes, sitting in the parking lot talking www xnxx japan xnxx about my sex life before I said, "Dude. enough about me, let's get the fucking watermelon." I'd emphasized a number of times that Carl only brought me "out" to myself a few months back and that I wasn't much more experienced then he, Robbie, was nxxn at this gay sex phenomenon we were experimenting with. xnxx indonesia Robbie was still looking up to me as "the main man" though and for now that was fine because xnxx stories I did have the experience edge on him for sure. There were a number of people xnxx com/ buying produce at this rather large farm stand we'd driven to. Along tamil xnxx one side of the stand was xxx a long metal tub with chunks of ice floating in the water keeping a lot of watermelons xnxx sex video ice cold. Robbie and me wrestled one of the medium size watermelons out of the water, dried it off, sex videos and I carried it to the cash register. It cost eleven dollars which seemed a lot to me and made me wonder how much Mr and Mrs Dickers were spending porn videos on our barbecues every week. They're really great folks to do t